COJO is Australia's premier mailing house offering complete digital printing, fulfillment and direct mail services solutions.

Based in Chatswood, New South Wales, the team at COJO can advise on a range of print projects and direct post campaigns with guidance on how to choose the best paper finishing and paper products.

Self mailer, or specialised paper products, are all-in-one pieces where the return envelope, brochure, coupons or other configurations are produced from a flat sheet in one printing pass.

Specialist Services

COJO is Australia's premier mailing house offering the most diverse and comprehensive range of direct mail and e-communication services as a part of our innovative direct communications solutions. The array of services we offer is unparalleled in the industry and includes the specialised production of Self Mailers and Specialty Paper Products (SPP's).

Based in Chatswood, New South Wales, the team at COJO can offer advice on your marketing or 'essential' communication campaigns with guidance on how to choose the best products along with the most appropriate processes for your desired outcome.

Our specialist services include :

  • Self Mailers & Specialised Paper Products (SPP's):

    Self mailers and SPP's are an all-in-one innovation where the body of the product can envelope/contain an array of elements such as a letter, brochure, return envelope, response device, tear away items and coupons, Sachets, cards, small samplers and more. Its overall innovation lies in the fact that the whole piece is produced in one pass from what started out as a single pre-printed flat sheet.

  • eSolutions:

    Digital Broadcasting - COJO offers all forms of personalised and generic Digital Broadcasting. We can send emails and SMS Broadcasts, containing promotions, newsletters, statements, and invoices to everyone in your database within minutes.

    Online Ordering - Our services include Pick & Pack Fulfillment and Print On Demand orders.

    Personal URLS and web pages - We can create personalised web portals for your customers to take advantage of special promotions etc. This is an effective tool for gathering measurable real time data and additional information on your customers.

    Archival & retrieval

  • Direct Mail Services:

    COJO's mail house expertise with data management and programming, high quality colour and mono digital print, print finishing, envelope insertion, plastic wrapping / poly bagging, hand fulfillment, pick & pack fulfillment, along with warehousing and distribution provides you with all available forms of paper based and electronic communications services.

Business Advantages

Here are just a few examples of how you can benefit your business using COJO's direct mail services, self mailers and eSolutions:

  • Generate new business
  • Build relationships and maintain customer loyalty
  • Create awareness of new products and services
  • Promote special offers and events
  • Provide information on your company's current or future activities
  • Experience headache free monthly statement and invoice runs
  • Drive people toward your website
  • Entice people to use your products and services
  • Enhance your brand awareness and expand your market share

To learn how COJO can benefit your business, contact us today or submit an online enquiry.